Bluefin tuna to 544 pounds boated off N.C. coast by Tom Higgins

    Article Excerpt:

    “Bluefin tuna to 544 pounds boated off N.C. coast.

    Anglers are enjoying “the blues” off the Outer Banks and at Lake Norman.

    Giant bluefin tuna to 96 inches and 544 pounds are being boated off Oregon Inlet and Hatteras Village when sea conditions are favorable. Blue catfish to 35 pounds have been caught in recent days at Norman.

    LAKE NORMAN: Numerous blue catfish from 20-35 pounds 10-40 feet deep in the coves on cut gizzard shad and pieces of chicken marinated in garlic. Spotted bass on Alabama rigs and rattling crankbaits cast to the shoreline. Plentiful white perch around humps 40 feet deep on minnows. Improving for crappie around docks and shallow brush on minnows.”…

    To read the entire article, including fishing updates on other lakes, regions and banks including the Southeastern N.C. Coast and the S.C. Coast, click on the link below:

    Bluefin tuna to 544 pounds boated off N.C. coast

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