Captain James Smith

I’ve been fishing for 35 years, it started with a fresh water sunny and a couple years ago I got biggest fish, a 73” blue fin tuna.  My best catch is my wife, a  5’ 7” red head.

I love fishing, and even more so from a boat.  My boating experience in short began on a canoe, then to a 22ft family fishing boat, onto 36ft charter boat, to a 505ft Destroyer, then a 14 smokercraft (that went to waters it wasn’t made), to a 17ft outboard and currently I get out on my friends 21 and 23ft outboard fishing boats working the waters of Massachusetts from Scituate to the Vineyard sound.

Over time I’ve found it as enjoyable seeing the people I’m fishing with catch fish as reeling in the fish myself, I never thought I never thought I’d feel this way, but it’s true and if it’s my kids, it’s true x2.  The boat ride to and from the fishing grounds is also a favorite pass time, but I’ll admit the run the Gurnet to the Plymouth ramp does seem to get longer each year.

I’ve been lucky to fish and learn more about fishing with great people.  The owner and chief bottle washer at Captain Jack Houghton is without question the most dedicated fisherman I’ve ever been around.  It’s been a gift to have fished with him many times since the year 2000, and it all began on a leaky 14ft aluminum skiff going to waters we didn’t belong.  The last time out with Capt. Jack was a banner day on the Vineyard Sound,  where my oldest son and his boys filled a cooler with delicious fat seabass.

For salt water fishing, I’m fully confident that I can help anyone land striper, bluefish, tuna, shark, mackerel, pollock, cod, haddock, hake, flounder, fluke, skulpin,  tatoug,  seabass, scup, herring, pogies, mummichog, lobster, sea clams, steamers and quahogs.  All you’ve got to do is ask, but don’t forget to say please.