Guest Blog – Todd Benedict – Jigging the Cape Cod Canal

I am an employee of Falmouth Bait & Tackle, located in Falmouth, Ma. My passion is fishing the Cape Cod Canal for Striped Bass. Those in the know about the migratory patterns of the Striped Bass know that the Canal can produce many large Bass during the Spring migration and during the Summer months. And […]

Wire Line Jigging – Guest Post by Captain James Smith

Wire Line Jigging Wire line jigging is a great method to catch your limit of striped bass and build your muscles. I have fished countless hours off the tip of Cape Cod wire line jigging with great success.  Below, I have listed what I use and how I wire line fish.   For starters you need the correct […]

Baitfishing – Guest Post by Captain James Smith

3 reasons why one my favorite ways to fish is with bait: Great success Easy fishing The satisfaction of obtaining your own bait. The following are types of bait I use and I how gather each. Chunk fishing – Mackerel and pogies  Mackerel are ferocious feeders and often swim in huge schools, and that makes […]