Daddy Mac Lures Viper Series Eels are now available in six Bass Pro Shops locations

Daddy Mac Lures is pleased to announce that some of our hottest selling lures, the patent-protected Viper Series Eels in both 6″ and 12″ are now being sold at the following Bass Pro Shops locations:

Foxboro, MA,  Baltimore MD, Hampton, VA, Bridgeport, CT, Atlantic City, NJ, and Hookset, NH

Our 12″  patent-protected Viper Series Eels have an unprecedented 11 splits, weigh 3.3 oz, and have VMC 3/0 brushed nickel 4x strong trebles.  They are available in Natural (brown), Raven (black) and Green Mackerel.

Our 6″ patent-protected Viper Series Eels have 7 splits, weigh 1/2 oz., and have VMC size 6 Permasteel 4x trebles.  They are available in in Natural (brown), Raven (black) and Emerald (blue/green).

Both sizes are Kevlar linked, have 3D eyes, an internal rattle, are fast sinking, and have a reflective durable finish and ABS hard plastic.

Our 12″ Viper Eel will be swimming in a display tank this weekend at the Foxboro Bass Pro Shops location.  Stop by and see the incredible swimming action for yourself!

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