Viper Series



Viper Series: The meticulous detail and craftmanship of these unique Kevlar jointed lures are enhanced by features such as audible clacking to attract fish and an unprecedented 10 splits making it the most lifelike swimmer on the market.

  • 6.0 oz
  • 9″ length
  • Kevlar jointed
  • internal rattle
  • slow to medium sink
  • audible clacking as it swims
  • VMC 3/0 4x strong trebles
  • heavy duty split ring
  • rated to handle up to 300 lb. fish
  • amazing lifelike swimming action
  • lifelike 3d eyes

Blue Mackerel: Classic blue mackerel pattern with incredibly detailed features about the head and gills

Bone: Smooth bone colored body with red gills

Herring: Metallic reflective finish on this Blue Back Herring with silver underbelly and meticulously detailed scales from head to tail

Shiner: Shiner/Sucker pattern with army green scales and back, white underbelly, and orange fins and tail